Mexican food is much more than Tex Mex that we can buy in supermarkets, or the typical burritos and tacos that we can get at fast food chains.

The food served in a Mexican restaurant like Santita has a very large part of tradition in its preparation. We take that tradition and give it a spin, as we add new ingredients to update it, keeping the traditional flavors and elaborations intact.

Traditional flavors: smoke cooking

One of the practices that gives this characteristic flavor to Mexican food is its way of elaboration. This is the Mexican smoke cookingn, which uses fire and coal to give that special touch to all our dishes.

In Mexico, cooking with smoke is much more than a way to elaborate dishes, but a ritual that is performed as a family. In it, women ask permission to the fire so they can start cooking. They are the ones who give life to this type of cuisine. Let’s start the holy fire!

Mexican restaurant in Madrid

Mexican food is actually influenced by many other cultures due to its historical past. Foods like Spanish, African and even Asian have managed to form the Mexocan cuisine we have today. Thanks to our chef Andrea Eloísa García we can offer you dishes that unite the tradition with new flavors and influences, such as the Asian influence.

And what better way to end an evening in a Mexican restaurant than with drinks? In Santita we have the best thanks to our barman Mario Villalón, who has managed to combine traditional Mexican distillates such as tequila with other innovative ingredients.

In our menu you’ll find all our innovative dishes. Savor the traditional Mexican smoke cuisine!

You can find our Mexican restaurant in Madrid, on the famous Fuencarral street, number 74, and on Virgen de los Peligros street number 10. Do not stay with the desire to try us and book you table now!